Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So what happened was that we arrived at the hospital just about bang on time (2pm) and the lady responsible for play came to see Victoria with (most helpfully) a 'doctor's box' with things she could try out on 'quiet baby'.   We explored all the things in between trips here and there for tests.   I hadn't said anything about the possibility of blood tests - last time it was very traumatic!  When it came to that we distracted her with looking at the pictures in a book and counting things - and she was very well behaved.     All of that was done in the day-ward and before bedtime we were moved into another ward.
Just before bed there was another echo and an xray.  she didn't sleep very well (and I hardly at all!).   She wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink and went down for the catheter about 9.15am.   It's always hard to watch a child being put to sleep - there they are, wide awake and apprehensive one minute and then gone.   I'm sure there's something to be learned from that but don't have the leisure to consider it right now...
I went off for some breakfast - which was a disappointing - the bacon, mushroom and potato had obviously been waiting to be eaten  for some hours already.
then I went back and sat waiting for news whilst reading an informative book by  John Humphreys (of radio four fame!).  After a while I began to feel worried that I wasn't worried...   When almost two hours had gone by the Dr came and said that it was all OK and Victoria was in recovery.   He said it was a long narrowing but the stent was securely in place.   It can somehow be enlarged at some point in the future when the rest of her has grown and needs a wider artery at that point.  About an hour after that she was back and feeling drowsy and uncomfortable .     The rest of the day was a bit glum - nausea and vomitting being the worst things.   Victoria didn't say anything about the fact that we'd had our 'one night' and were heading for another!   She was very glad to see Joanna, James and Daddy - who probably spent much more time driving than they spent actually visiting.   A bit of home-made rock-cake was the first thing to stay down and Victoria had a lovely sleep - being monitored from time to time.
This morning's bp readings showed that there is a much better balance between upper and lower limbs than there used to be - which was the aim of the stent implantation.  The Doctor came to see Victoria again this morning and after I pointed out that the bp readings were a) more balanced and b) low-ish, he agreed that she could do without the atenolol (hooray!!!).   I will be interested to see now what the bp settles up to.  After three months of asprin we will see the cardiologist again DV.

I'm sure that the prayers of so many smoothed the way for the effective implantation of the stent and am thankful that all those 'risks' which were listed by the registrar ahead of time were not part of the Lord's plan.   The world would be a poorer place without Victoria, so I'm glad she's spared to us.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Victoria goes this afternoon into the Brompton for a cardiac catheterisation - hopefully they will install a stent to sort out that troublesome co-arctation.   I'm glad to know that the Lord is in control even of that tiny and unseen aspect of His marvellous creation - but when they looked at it 5 years ago it wasn't feasible to just 'put in a stent'....    If everything is straightforward, we will be back home on Monday evening.

Odd, having lived with it for so long, to have the prospect of having a solution to this, other little 'fault' in her cardiovascular system, sorted out.  We are aware of our priveledge and thankful again for all the very many people who are knowingly and unknowingly contributors to the proposed correction.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


At the appointment last month Dr Magee suggested 'after Christmas' for the stent-or-whatever.   Last Friday (while I was trundling back from Thornhill to see Samuel) Ron got a phone call from the Brompton to suggest last Sunday for treatment on Monday.   He declined the invitation, in the circumstances!.  Today they phoned again and we've arranged that we will go on Sunday for treatment on Monday.
Victoria is used to the idea so not worried at all.
Meanwhile we're having fun watching the new batch of kittens which, due to the cold, are indoors in a crate.
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