Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I went in with my parents and Victoria yesterday to the Brompton, where all the preliminary procedures were carried out; more form filling including the consent forms, various anesthetists, surgeons and doctors introduced themselves and said a bit about today, and then Victoria needed more blood taking for crossmatching in case a blood transfusion was necessary. My parents and Victoria were gone for the taking of blood for at least half an hour; this morning, though, it appears to be the case that there was insufficient blood collected, and 3 more samples were taken this morning before a satisfactory quantity was got. This means that the op has been postponed; it was going to be at 0830, and will now be at 1100. The op will be 4-5 hours, if all goes as it usually does, and she'll have 2 anesthetists and 3 surgeons plus others in the room doing I don't know what - sounds like it will be a bit of a crowd around her bed, that's for sure. After the op she'll go into the intensive care bit of the ward she's on at the moment, and stay there for a day or so until she's not having so much IV medication, at which point she won't need monitoring so closely, and will come back to where she is now.
I would ask that you continue to pray, as I'm sure you have been; not only for Victoria, but also for my parents - they are both more than a little out of their depths as far a human understanding and comfort zones go, and I know my mum will be struggling a lot today. Thankyou for your prayers. I will update the blog as soon as my dad next phones, which will be after the op DV if all goes well.


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