Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Eyes....

this afternoon we went to Ashford Hospital, as planned, but half an hour late (because I didn't look at the paper upon which the receptionist wrote the time when I went last time and found the appointment was cancelled....) I thought it was 2.30 - so we got there at 2.30 (ish..).
We got seen straight away - and I apologised for being late. The lady who checked Victoria over was very pleasant. She had an astonishing collection of pencils with jolly tops on - the best one she showed us was the koosh-ball ostrich - in bright green - can you imagine that? She found that Victoria still has a slight squint (though I don't notice it) and on the positive side she said that Victoria is very good and using both eyes. That is to say that when an object is moved across her field of vision she follows it with one as far as she can and then takes over with the other one. That means that one won't get a chance to be underused and consequently useless. We have another appointment in July, this time at St Peter's. I supposed we went to Ashford because there was not a department at ST. Peters but I find that is not the case. Apart from parking being VERY difficult at St Peter's it is really preferable on account of being closer to home. So, Victoria missed her afternoon nap and went to bed early - and now I can turn my mind to tidying into boxes some of the books which I collected at the airport at 6.30am......

On behalf of Victoria

Victoria is very sweet, and so is her mummy. It seems appropriate - if late - that Victoria (or I on her behalf) wishes her mummy a very happy Mothers Day. If Victoria were old enough herself she certainly would have done so herself.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Last week we went to Ashford hospital for an eye clinic appointment which wasn't - I dimly remembered having received a letter changing this appointment but the letter I HAD was the original, not the replacement. hey ho - it was a pleasant trip out anyway and I was back sooner than I thought I would be. The REAL appointment is tommorow afternoon - which means we miss hydro.
The real prompt for this blog was, however, that Simon has created a 7.5volt electric eraser - with a switch. All his brothers think he's amazing - I dont' know that he makes SO many mistakes that he would need such an invention but it is fun to see what things he thinks of. He also got his typewriter out again to compose the next installment of the story of Lukee. I asked him what it was going to be about and he said 'it's about Lukee has a heart attack'!!! The opening sentence is pretty good - but he's not got much beyond that. The writing program we are using (Institute for Excellence in Writing - structure and style) is quite inspiring, I suspect this is behind Simon's desire to continue the writing he started when he had his leg in plaster.

Friday, March 02, 2007

the centre of attention

yesterday we had they Physio. arrive (as planned) at 1pm, then the Portage lady a half hour later and then the health visitor dropped in - as she was here checking out her camper van which seems to have a new resident in the form of a mouse!
tina (portage) hadn't been for 4 weeks and the progress which Victoria has made was noticable. We have a rather nice wooden galt shape-sorter (thanks ever-so-much Naomi!) which has the 'easy' holes at one end and the tricky ones at the other. Victoria has been learning not only to get the circle in but also the square and the triangle. The tireder she becomes the more reluctant she is to go beyond the circle and instead she picks up the holder and shakes it while looking at me.
I always AM amazed at how well children can communicate when they have no words and it is great fun watching Victoria learning the subtelties of communication. On Saturday we had another family whose little girl can sit but not go anywhere. She and Victoria were looking at one another, and communicating with little noises. When Victoria picked up a book which Keziah had been looking at Keziah made a little 'disappointed' noise whereupon Victoria looked at her face and carefully returned the book. Mind you, when Victoria got it again later she was less willing to hand it back! When Tina arrived yesterday Victoria didn't see her come in but having studied her face she obviously recognised her. The next thing Victoria did was to look in the most likely place for that exciting basket of things which are brought for her to do and explore. Then she looked earnestly at Tina, then at the basket, extending her hand in the direction of it, communicating very effectively that she would like to play with something from in there!
We're all off to Oxford today with our two Swiss visitors. We are going to the Ashmolean museum and looking at the martyrs memorial - it looks like it will be a perfect day for it.
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