Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday morning

I was in touch with my parents again this morning, and the update then (at about 7am) is as follows. This is no longer news, as the picture changes so rapidly that I'd need to get an hourly update to be accurate, but you'll have the general idea at least.
An echo done on Victoria last night confirmed that the operation was a success. The only thing now is that her heart is swollen, which is understandable in the circumstances, and should not be a problem. Victoria is still on the ventilator, she is now breathing 20 breaths a minute of her own, and will quite likely come of the ventilator later today. The general anesthetic has worn off now, from what I understand, and she is having IV morphine, instead. This means that she is awake enough to be a fidget, much like her usual self, and has been fiddling with her ng tube and the IV tube in her neck, so scratch mits are being sought in an effort to stop herself from knocking anything that needs to stay put!! She is responsive to sound and touch; and has been grasping my mother's finger when given the opportunity to. Her core temp is back to normal, although her peripheral temperature is not what it is expected to be. My parents saw a doctor last evening, who said that everything is all very good.
My mother (who provided the above information) also points out that she is full of thankfulness - as we all are - for God's goodness and control in all that is happening, and thankful to all those who have taken Victoria's needs to the throne of grace in prayer.


  • At 3:54 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    This is good news :) Cute little pickle. Please give your Mum and Dad lots of love from us and tell them we will continue to keep Victoria in our prayers. Love to all the other children and yourself too
    The Bauermeistersxxxxquycbpi


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