Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

annual cardiology appointment update

The word for the week is 'perhaps' - though it's pronounced 'prehaps' - I love the way Victoria discovers and practices new words!
This morning we saw the cardiologist. This was after an ECG which (although Victoria was decidedly anxious) went very well. Victoria laid down on the bed and said 'I love it, don't I?'!!!!! That information and (wonder of wonders!) a successful pair of blood pressure readings (higher than they ought to be) confirmed what could be seen on the echo - that the kink is causing increasing problems. The cardiologist confirmed that it is the same problem as was revealed by the catheterisation back when she was two. 'Something will have to be done' about it - but not sure when. Just as they said when she was 2, the choices are a) a stent or b) surgery. We're going to have 24-hour blood-pressure monitoring at home - the machine will be sent out by post to us.
I'm praising the Lord that Victoria doesn't find the whole hospital appointments experience cause for massive trauma. She even 'enjoyed' a visit to the dentist last week and asked to go again the next day!!
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