Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Writing the title for this just reminds me that I was looking at James' schoolwork file - on one of his maps he had correctly identified the location of Orkney - and wrote the second part of the name 'eyls' !!!
I digress...

Yesterday we had a visit from our dear visual impairment lady. She did a test to show at what point in her peripheral vision she picked up on a tennis ball on a stick being introduced from one side or the other. Her right eye - which is officially the 'stronger eye' was actually not so good in this case - at one point (I was sitting opposite her and could see what was going on with her eyes) - her left eye had wandered in towards her nose and picked up the object approaching from the right side of her face!! Meanwhile she had me (or whatever I was holding) so firmly fixed with her right eye that it wasn't easily distracted. Another thing which became aparent is that whatever the 'refractive error' discoveries are made by the one looking in to the back of her eye, she is functionally short sighted. Last week one particular boy came into the room and she mis-identified him. this is not because, like me, she can't find the right name quickly enough - she ALWAYS gets them right when she looks at the pictures or sees them close enough - but at about 12ft distance she is losing some clarity of vision. All v. interesting stuff!!

I think I understand now that although the experts identify a 'perfect' eye from the outside, there is something of a discrepancy between that and what Victoria does with the information her eyeballs light on.
patching continues, and bi-focals continue because it seems to help make her left eye stronger and less inclined to wander.

so thankful for experts who listen and offer sensible advice. Seems V's functional eyesight will prevent her from driving a car (phew, one less thing to have to worry about!!).

She, of course, is very happy with how things are nontheless.
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