Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Victoria has now learnt how to climb up onto the toilet (no toddler seat!) on her own. She's very pleased with herself and has a sticker chart in the bathroom for such times as she makes her way there on her own and does the needful. Progress indeed. There are more 'bathroom' accidents with V. than with the other children but, on the whole, I think she's doing v. well in the circumstances. she can confidently read all but 3 of the words from the 'babys' first picture book' (ladybird) and with the proviso that she will need to keep practising 'shoe, orange and tap' we will move on to the next set of words (from the second picture book). We had a go at threading beads again today - first time for over a month. She concentrates VERY intently and doesn't willingly use two hands together. The needle is often half-way through and she lets go of the pushing end before grabbing hold of the pulling end so it drops out again! She holds the equipment about three inches from her right eye and pokes her tongue out a little. I just bought a video camera (my old one packed up about 3 years ago - when it was less than a year old!) so hope to set up to record some of the things I do with V. - It might be useful to encourage us in the future and also might be instructive for others with younger children.

Patching continues - though I think she is more mischievous when she has her patch on! We go to the optomotrist again next week and to Cardiff in August.
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