Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This afternoon, when we got back from shopping, the door was open - but that was OK because Victoria was outside with James. His suggestions that she should come in didn't meet with her approval. since neither of them was happy I thought it best to take V. on a walk. I asked James to get the pushchair ready to put her in it. Not only did he not get the pushchair but he also didnt' see that Victoria wandered out of the front gate and down the lane. I don't know how long after James had given up supervising I asked where she was and whether she was ready to go but Richard, James and Joanna tracked her down to the neighbours where she had walked in through the gate (which is normally closed) and was found in the arms of the man there! This is a sobering reminder of the fact that Victoria needs watching constantly. i've toyed with the idea of having her on some kind of picket.... Strangely, my friend Tracie in Birmingham emailed me to say that her daughter had gone missing today. She had called 999 to report her missing. It turned out that she was across the field and one of the bigger children found her. It would be handy if there were dogs trained to tag children who might wander (there is a scheme in the USA - mainly for autistic children) - or failing that a sat-nav tracking device.....
Well, as Laura Ingalls-Wilder's dad used to say 'all's well that ends well'. The moral is that she must be supervised by someone at all times.
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