Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

under the weather

Poor old Victoria has been a bit under the weather. A cold comes and stays quite a long time, it seems. Exema (sp?) on her leg accompanied the usual cold symptoms which (thankfully) this time only included ONE night of croup. The second night she was in with the twins - Thomas prayed for her and she didn't get croup (now why didn't *I* ever think of that....) while she was in there - nor did she the next night. Two days of floppiness and not eating (as well as complaining about having to drink) are behind us and today she ate dinner - though that was late. She slept in until 7.30am and her morning nap (at 10am!) carried her through til after 1pm! What a life! I'm hoping she's back to full strength tomorrow as I've lots of things I want her to do in her schoolwork session.
At the eye clinic recently I mentioned the Cardiff research into bi-focals. The Dr. asked me when the research was to be published. I said I didnt' know and she should look on the internet. Maggie, from Cardiff, wrote to me today to say that she had written to the eye clinic regarding V. and bi-focals and she'd got no reply. Further, the research HAS been published already, so the Dr OUGHT to have found about about it....
Hopefully we'll be back to Cardiff in September by which time Victoria will (hopefully) be doing more schoolwork-type stuff and bi-focals will be of use to her.
Today Victoria had a bout of longing for David, without being requieted. Well, she got over it in the end. Plans for an enclosed garden area into which Victoria can wander without escaping are in hand - so that's exciting. Thinking of plants which will be interesting / colourful / scented / fruitful and low-maintainance is occupying 2% (approx.) of my thought capacity right now. SAmuel is drawing up the actual plans. No idea when it might begin. Plans for a climbing frame are occupying a further 5% of my thought capacity - I'm tempted to go for the Costco £1200 model - all wood with lots of fancy extras. prob. will settle for the ELC version (though I'd sooner get a second-hand one...)
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