Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Victoria enjoyed the trip to Rora house - meeting lots of folks and the physical challenges of walking on ground which was mostly hilly and uneven were a couple of the benefits. A week at home and we're off again - for the seaside-stint. Last year she wasn't walking so will need much more careful observation this year, in case she wanders off amongst the crowds.
Victoria's hair is much thicker on the left of her head - and has always been longer there. On the whole she has seriously 'bad hair' (it's congenital!!!) and I've resorted to trimming the long, thick side - and now I think it looks worse..... However, she doesn't mind, so it's not a big concern - just a little 'distinctive'!
The cute little purple crocs which she has are very good for her - they stay on and she can even put them on herself.
On our daily walk Victoria has begun to do a bit of walking when we are on pavement and is enjoying it. I've noticed that her legs are getting stronger and she can stand up from being on the floor in a much more stable way. We're still aiming at getting her to jump but her attempts continue to be 'merely' rising up onto the balls of her feet in repsonse to 'one, two, three, jump'.
When I was working with her this morning I was showing her pictures and trying to get her to say the words - she tries very hard and I think that the speech-therapy assessment in September will show her to be quite a hopeful case. We've got to try and remember to do the makaton signs for her - it's easy to drop them and 'understand' what she's 'saying' but the signs DO help us to distinguish between one word and another where they sound the same!
I was able to spend some time talking to a former occupational therapist (now a h.s. mum) while we were on camp - she gave me some brilliant and usable ideas to incorporate into Victoria's daily routine and while I'm away I'll be working out a (hopefully) balanced plan to implement with Victoria in September.
Meanwhile Victoria will have the sand and water to explore each day, beach-mission songs to learn and the field to explore in the evenings so will be kept learning and growing in an unstructured way over the coming weeks.
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