Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Victoria woke up around 3am, crying. I took her to the lounge where she continued to sleep. I didn't. When she evidently had an unsettling dream and began to cry I laid my hand on her face and she was instantly quiet. Can the Lord, who MADE the hand, be less willing and able to comfort His distressed, precious ones when life is a 'nightmare' for them? My love for Victoria has to be at least a thousandth of His love to me. I was reminded that He who made us never sleeps - so He's always ready to minister to us - wow!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I took Victoria to see the GP this mng. He confirmed that is OK to give Victoria the blood-pressure medicine which has, in the small print, 'do not give to children'. He also said that the cardiologist is a jolly good one, as is the surgeon (who our GP was in general medical training with) and that we need to have no worries about the plans for surgery whether it is sooner or later. Not that, with the Lord on our side, we had or ever will have, cause for worry.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I see I didn't give an update after the orthoptist appt. on Friday.
Her left eye behaved much better this time and the difference between the two being not so bad as previously thought, Victoria is spared the trial of a patch for now. Regular 3-monthly checks will continue DV. I think that the daily ride in the pushchair gives her lots of long-range exercise for her eyes (except when she's too tired to keep them open!) so we'll carry on with that as a therapy (!!).


There are only small traces of the spots left. Yesterday mng. after a couple of treatments with epsom salts and coconut oil (to draw it out) I removed a nasty looking thorn or splinter from her finger. She hadn't been complaining but it is at least two weeks since I noticed a nasty looking bump on her finger.
New words I noticed she can say include 'blbl' - for apple. If I get her to say 'a' first it becomes 'a bl bl'. It seems she can also say something (at an approriate point in the day) which sounds like 'my tea' - as well as an identifiable form of 'dinner'. She's developing 'terrible-two' tendencies which we are all attempting to nip in the bud. One of the worst things is that she has taken against certain family members and if they are required to take her to the toilet or feed her dinner she objects vociferously.
Victoria likes to play with the compare-bears and yesterday Timothy was helping her to sort them out into their separate colours - she amazed me at her willingness and ability (though I don't think Timothy was aware of the value of the achievement) - though he was congratulatory.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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