Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Our little morning sessions are not as fun-filled as they were. I'm not sure whether Victoria is bored or just can't do what I'm asking her. This morning all we did was run through the sound cards and then count bears of various colours into different sized pieces of a fererro rocher plastic mold!
I was heartened to hear that when David put her in bed last night (I was shopping again..), he observed her 'singing along' to the CD. She seems to be quite familiar with this particular one which has 'we're all going to the zoo tomorrow' on it. she makes a noise a bit like zoo (more like jjjooo) and makes the noises (and signs) for the various animals anticipating them and making the sign before they are mentioned. I still insist on some high-brow stuff like Beethoven, Dvorak and Haydn whenever I can - but she can't be expected to sing along to them...
The potty training is at last looking promising - nothing unwanted on the carpet for a while.
Victoria is developing a relationship with Lucy who was in charge of feeding her at dinner time. Lucy thinks it is cute how Victoria hands her hands out to the side of her, palms uppermost, and says 'no no' (an adaptation of 'don't know') when baffled about life.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

amusing features

Victoria has David's old mobile phone. She has learnt mmobile phone protocol from watching David. Normally he is sitting at the dinner table with his fork half way to his mouth and the phone rings and he scrambles out whilst opening it, saying 'David speaking...' before he gets out of the room. The other feature of phone conversations Victoria has learnt is that sometimes you have to use your other hand to waft about to re-inforce what you are saying (honest, she doesn't get it from me, I hardly ever use the phone.....!) AND one has to stroll about for as long as one is talking. Victoria imitates all this very well and if one interupts her with an 'OK, then..!' she closes with a 'bye'. She's been doing a fair bit of 'talking' on the phone in the past few days. She's practicing all the sounds which are new to her. I still can't get her to say 'oh' - she's funny when she does her best to imitate the sounds I'm modelling for her and is extending her repertoire to include a fair attempt at 'e' (as in elephant) as well as 'ou' (for out) and 'u' (for up).

I'm considering whether I ought to get an occupational therapy evaluation.
She's learning to 'jump' and was very co-operative when the physio showed her, today, how she can shift the weight from one leg to the other - I think with suitable music Victoria could believe herself to be dancing like that. That would appeal to her.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Throughout Victoria's life homeopathic remedies have brought about great relieve - most startlingly Aconite used to treat croup (the first time it happened I took her to A and E and they gave her some steroids which settled the condition down) . Over the years I have used many homeopathic remedies some with success and some without evident success. Many mothers have been glad of the advice to use bryonia to clear up blocked milk-ducts and carbo-veg to sort out wind in little babies (as well as settling down tummies after tummy-bugs) and therefore, assuming that some of those who have benefitted, might read this I offer the following link:
please follow the link and sign the petition to stop the pharmaceutical industry effectively monopolising the market for 'health' by marginalising into extinction homeopathic remedies.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Ron drove us in to the Brompton - it only took an hour - we found a suitable parking space and were in good time for our appointment.
Mr Sethia's opinion is that Victoria ought not to have surgery right now. If the problem were repaired now it might re-develop. the suggested alternative might be medicine long-term (which neither I nor Ron are very chuffed about but I'll have to do some research....).
We get to see our 'new' cardiologist (the one we've had from the start has now retired) in about 5 weeks when Victoria will be checked over again. The main concern for the surgeon is that the heart repair work is not under undue stress because of the narrowing - which he thinks it isn't .

so, the good news is that there is going to be no disruption to schoolwork plans this year so we'll be able to keep on track with Omnibus.

We've got a week off, this week. Thomas is working with Philip and Lucy is going with them later today to paint at Sidcup.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

big day

Tomorrow we go to see the surgeon in London. I'm so glad to have had a busy weekend - lots of lovely visitors and Lucy leaving Leicester once and for all today. I even got to talk to Timothy on the phone today, a real treat.
Will report back tomorrow what the surgeon has to say.
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