Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

birdworld trip

This is of our trip to Birdworld last thursday - this object of the children's attention is NOT a bird...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new blog

for those who wish to enter into the adventure, in spirit, go to (the 'taba' stands for 'there and back again'). I don't imagine I shall get LOTS of opportunity to update while we are on the go , but I'll put info into the computer and update when I find a 'hot-spot' - or maybe I'll even use an internet cafe or library.

for a change...

Thought I'd offer an update on Victoria. She's currently trying to open out the Daily Telegraph. She says 'ba ba' quite a lot - it has a multitude of meanings including 'can I have that other Daily Telegraphy too?'. This morning she stood herself up in the middle of the floor. The proceedure involves (obviously) planting her feet on the floor and straightening her legs. The she unfolds herself into the upright position and has a look of anticipation ("what's going to happen now?") about her. Then she stays there for up to 2 seconds flopping down (straight-legged, bottom first) back to sitting. She gets a great thrill out of it, and therefore so do we all.
A recent attack of migraine preciptated the end of expressing milk - which is just as well - it had to be finished by next monday when we leave for Scotland. Consequently Victoria has, along with her vitamin supplement, daily 'dha' oils. She only drinks from a bottle (a bit of a defeat for me, I was rather keen that she would drink from a cup....) but will swallow water squirted into her mouth from a 'sport' water bottle - which is going to be handy while we're gone from home. She has 2 or 3 bottles of goat milk a day. She now eats bread (made with spelt) and prefers the sort which has raisins in it. she's also rather partial to chocolate-chip cookies.
Her eyes are sometimes better than others but generally it is the left eye which is dodgy. I'm hopeful that being out-doors so much will help give plenty of exercise for the eyes.
Today she will be able to exercise her eyes while enjoying the fresh breezes at Lymington because this is the day that Wednesday Junior Sailing begins.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I kind of regret having brought Ice Age into the house - but only 'kind of' - Richard has discovered, in Sid the Sloth, his alter-ego. The more I think about it, the more I think we would all have been impoverished, and limited in our understanding and appreciation of our dear Richard!
Not sure if Sid the sloth could be half so good at making flapjacks as Richard is though...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not Victoria

at about 8am this morning, Philip phoned from Wokingham - on his way to work a van pulled out in front of him and as a consequence he has written off his van. I specifically prayed this morning that Philip would be kept safely on his way to work (not a thing I normally do!). My initial feeling was that God didn't hear - however, Philip is unscathed - it is only the van which is trashed.

After a VERY trying journey in heavy traffic, we found Philip waiting by the roadside. Timothy took the trailer and I followed on with Philip. After several phone calls trying to arrange for a hire-van and to get the broken one towed home, we left Wokingham - about 12 noon I suppose. Now Philip has (again!) to search for a vehicle....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

aah haa!!!!!

I found that the computer was waiting for me to give it the necessary information but the window was hiding, so here are the pictures....

happy chicks

Well, Victoria has a 'thing' about soft-toys so it was interesting to watch her response to the newly hatched chicks. She was curious to get close and look at them but when one was set on the floor near her she nearly did-it-in in her anxiety - first waving her leg at it and then trying to bash the poor little thing. It was rescued instantly of course. David couldn't resist taking one into the office to 'work' with him! It's ok, Timothy, it didn't last long - not even half an hour - then it was returned to its siblings.
can't seem to upload the pics right now - will come back later in the hope it will work - they really are cute!

here it is - the evidence - she CAN stand up! She's getting more and more adventurous, showing off here by holding on with only one hand!!
+ Raising Down Syndrome Awareness -