Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Simon's progress

the Dr who saw simon today was the same one who had put in and subsequently removed the screw. He seemed a bit put out that Simon wasn't running yet - espcially that he was still using the zimmer. He thought that simon should move on to crutches. We waited for an hour to see a physio who agreed with me that crutches mightn't give Simon any more confidence with walking because he would need to balance with them. At least if he places the frame ahead of him he can use his foot with the confidence that if he should wobble because of the weakness in the left leg, he wouldn't fall over. The physio we saw today gave a list of excercises and some principled guidance about quantity and frequency of doing them. He will now to wait for an outpatients appt for a physio and then another appt. at the fracture clinic which should be the last he will need (at the start of Jan).
Lucy's home on Weds (hooorrraaay!!!!!). Philip did brilliantly at his electrical exam and is all set to be a registered electrician in the near future. It was strange to have Timothy doing about exam number 45 and Philip doing exam number 1, on the same day!! They are going out to dinner to celebrate tonight (I think!).
Everything else is fine here, though it is sad to consider how much schoolwork has been disrupted by all the medical issues we have had in recent months.
Next Monday we head off for Switzerland, which is exciting.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

not news

I wonder whether Colleen Gracey reads this blog anymore - if you do, Colleen, please email me, I find that the email address I have for you doesn't work any more....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Victoria (for a change)

Victoria has been learning some of the exciting things she can do with her voice box. During the day it is, of course, all joy. At night (at least from my perspective) it is slightly less so. I was out of bed at least 6 times last night to flip her from her back to her front. The change seems to put a stop to the growling noise she makes when she is sleeping lightly! At 3am I got a bit fed up and spoke loudly to her to be quiet - and she WAS! Trouble was it woke Ron up.... After that I stayed awake just to keep getting out and flip her. If I take her in bed with me I can quickly say the necessary word to remind her to stop, but then one gets a 'dead' arm and it IS rather squashy... Don't think I am complaining. Victoria has never been the kind of child who screams and fusses - which really DOES drive one nuts after a while - a little bit of growling (in its place) is quite entertaining....
I've just booked us in for the portage Christmas trip to ride on a miniature train in Woking on Saturday - we get to meet Santa (am I going soft in my old age?!!). After all the discussions that have been going on with the next youngest three about Santa I thought it would be a good opportunity to give them a real authentic Santa experience. The nurse who was looking after Simon during his op. spent about 10 minutes trying to persuade Simon of the reality of Santa. Funny how, as mother, one feels condemned by adults who receive anti-santa answers to their questions from ones children...
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