Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

hop along

Simon is intermittently hopping along on his zimmer frame and busying himself with stuff (mostly messy, I'm sorry to say) and giving Joanna and James lots of opportunities for service ('just put this away could you ' 'please could you go and get me a....') which is passing the time satisfactorily.
Victoria had her first real exposure to English Country Dancing last night. On one of the dances she was in a box on the floor - when it came time for Timothy to scoot round with his side, he whizzed her along ahead of him - do you suppose she enjoyed it? On the last dance I took her for my partner and when it came to 'swing your partners' she was vigourously and joyfully bouncing up and down as we rotated together - what a joy! She also watched some fireworks. What with all that and the clocks changing she has been rather sleepy today. She now weighs 8.5kgs (about 19lb) and has baby rice in the mng and two jars some other times in the day (well, that's the goal) as well as all the diminishing amount of milk there is for her. Apart from a bit of a cough she's doing wonderfully well. She doesn't do any recognisable signs yet (apart from waving bye bye) but we still do some relevant one for her.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pics of simon

Here he is on Sunday - told he couldn't eat after 6am because they were going to fix him up in the afternoon, he waited patiently. He was taken along for a CT scan so that a 3-d image of the bone could be created on the computer so the extent of the damage could be assessed. I got to see that - it was fascinating. By 11am he was told he could go back to eating - it wasn't going to be until Monday...
On Monday Samuel was in for the day and they shared a set of headphones to watch the History channel (and another one with car-related stuff on it) whilst Simon again
spent a hungry morning. He was scheduled to go at 1.30 but didn't go until 2 - then he was waiting in 'Jenny's room' - she's a lovely lady who helped to soothe our nerves while we were waiting - she even began to show 'Finding Nemo' to while away the time. simon wanted a picure of his first plaster - this was only temp. while they decided what they would do with his leg. It was decided that it would be screwed back in place. He was in theatre for about an hour and I was taken along to the recovery room to see him once they had brought him round from the general anasthetic.

Simon was quite keen on seeing Richard, so Richard came in in the evening - the photo was to PROOVE he had - Simon was absolutely blotto until about 8.30pm - he fell to sleep at about 4pm.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yesterday at about 2pm Simon arrived home. In the morning he had to have lessons from a physiotherapist on how to use a zimmer frame. He could have had crutches but he was still so wobbly when they wanted him to be up and about (less than 24 hrs after surgery!) that it seemed he would be safer with the frame.
The start of the day was a bit of a mess with all the men off out to work except David (who can't drive anyway...). David stayed in the hospital while I came home (in the van, with Ron and Joanna, who had been dropped off by Philip on his way to work at 6.30am...) and reminded Victoria who I was, fed her etc. Then there was trouble brewing about who should come into hospital and, more importantly, how they would get back again. Due to the unwillingness of certain family members to allow another family member to use his bicycle (and the imppracticability of his WALKING home...) I was racking my brains for a way out when the Lord prompted me to phone a dear friend who was able to visit, collect children, return them home, prevent war or mild dispute from breaking out at home, and was even here when we got back from the hospital. Praise the Lord that He takes care of all the little details (as well as the big ones)when we are in a tight spot.
Simon's bed being so low down he is sleeping on the sofa. Thomas was on duty last night but when Simon wanted some calpol Thomas couldnt' be roused! Shame he didn't come and tell me, I'm easier to wake up. David will be on duty tonight. Simon is a very un-demanding and considerate patient. A patient patient even! He considers how much trouble he might be putting others to before he asks for anything or does anything.
Simon now has a tape recorder (just found it from where I stowed it under my bed for such a time as this...) so he is able to record himself telling his story. We took lots of pictures so that he can illustrate a book and write his story. The frame which will be his constant companion for the next 6 weeks (during which time he may not put any weight on his right foot) is destined to be decorated (and re-decorated) with lights. One of the nurses said she would like a photo of it when he has done it, so he has an envelope for that. Schoolwork has, of course, been a little disrupted but I hope to be able to tweak things and try and get back on track by next Monday.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


not sure whether it should be on Victoria's or on mine - but being a hospital event it seems better to put it here...
Yesterday we were enjoying a long-overdue visit from dear friends from North London. part way through the afternoon one of theirs and one of ours were on the trampoline. Simon didn't fall off (!!!!) but hit the bed of the trampoline in such a was as to twist his foot round such that he broke the bone. Having got to the edge of the trampoline David (what a blessing it must be to have big strong brothers!) carefully picked him up and set him down on the grass running in to report that Simon had done something serious to his leg. I called an amulance - which was here in about 15 mins. Thomas waited out on the road to flag it down and show them the way. Simon was uncharacteristically forthright about the importance of NOT touching the bump (which, when I saw it moments after he had done it, was more of a point than a bump). Everyone who saw him until he got plaster put on was told, quite candidly NOT to touch the bump - because that was where it hurt. I stayed with him overnight. It had been planned that he would have surgery this afteroon but a CT scan was called for - the x-ray showed that the bottom half of the tibia was snapped off. It seems to have happened at just the wrong place - it is across the 'growth plate' - from which point his bones would be expected to continue to grow over the next few years. So long as it has not damaged the ability of the growth plate to do its stuff, all will be well - but skill is required for the repair. The orthopaedic chap said they would fix it in the next day or two (!!)
Simon is bearing up manfully but is in pain and uncomfortable - the nurses offer him ibuprofen when he buzzes to say it is beginning to hurt again.
Tonight Philip is going to stay in the parents accommodation - which will be cooler than the put-u-up next to Simon's bed. Simon is quite happy in the knowledge that if he feels he needs a friendly face in the night, he can get the nurse to call philip. Last night I was awake most of the time. Simon assured me that I snore very loudly (!!!) so the other occupants of the room will, doubtless, be thankful that I am not sleeping there tonight. ( I detected a logical fallacy but don't have the energy to try and clarify the posish....) Last night Simon and I had the room to ourselves.
Tommorow Ron leaves early for a planting job for which a machine is booked. I will take Victoria in with me at 6am to relieve Philip and David will be here and able to cycle between the hospital and home as necessary. Now must go and get some phone credit....
Timothy should soon be on his way back from Hull. Lucy is home next weekend.
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