Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Currently aged 8 and a half.

The most exciting development in Victoria's life in recent months is that she has learnt to say 'cake'.  She even goes about practicing the 'c' sound so that she can try it in other words (such as 'kitchen' - which still gets a bit muddled).

Since September we have been having weekly French lessons.  Victoria enjoys them and loves to try and make the strange sounds involved in the French language.   She has some french children's songs on her ipad which she listens to over and over.

She also continues to enjoy RDA - last time she rode like she was pretending to be a cowboy, seemingly she had little understanding of what the reins were attatched to - so I explained that.  She doesn't get to ride again until the end of February - hopefully she'll still remember.

she loves the usborne sticker dolly dressing books - especially the pink ones with fairies or princesses.  If we are out shopping all things pink and sparkly exude some kind of magnetic attraction to her - funny, none of the others were affected this way!

dollies are still a valuable part of Victoria's life - and she has recently learnt to put clothes on to the dolly - rather than just take them off.  She's even learnt to do buttons up.


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