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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hustle and bustle

With lots of extra folk around (24 for dinner yesterday lunch time....) Victoria is thriving. I didnt' see much of her yesterday but she kept very busy with various other people. We've two families staying to do dancing and Shakespeare - Victoria LOVES the dancing esp. Joseph, from church, who works in a special needs school, was her partner - what Christ-like concern for a little, weak, confused one and what Christ-like UNconcern for his own back (!) !!!
He's gone to do her morning 'schoolwork' session affording me a rare opportunity to blog and deal with emails early in the day.
ON Thursday we have an appointment at St Peter's (it only came through last week and seems rather close to the Brompton one - but since nothing was discovered there, I guess that's immaterial) with the consultant and also the head honcho in the paediatric dept locally. I've been catechising V. each day along the lines of 'what are we going to do on Thursday' "doctor", ' and what is the doctor going to look at' "heart", 'and what noise does your heart make?' "bu-bum", 'and what else is going to happen?' "sticker, tummy". She usually goes on to add some comment about being 'happy' - I HOPE so !!! Thomas or Samuel will come along with me - I think she will feel more secure that way. Ron would have come but there is a house which Lucy and Ben are interested in - which will be auctioned on Thursday - so Ron needs to go there. DAvid would have come but the other apprentice is off sick so he can't have the day off.

Last week Victoria re-joined a hydro group - there's not one this week but back to it next tuesday. It was great to see her confidently walking in the shallow water. So very good for strengthening the leg muscles. It's also a challenge for me since the pool is in a centre for children who are disabled. Walkign down the corridor and seeing all the horrific-looking machinery (you can't help looking at it and sussing out exactly what the child who needs this machine is MISSING on his body....) - all jollied up with stickers etc, of course, and being thankful that the Lord has blessed Victoria (and all my other children) SO much. Though I suspect that the parents of the children whose skeletal muscles don't work or who have missing or deformed limbs still find a lot of happiness by rejoicing in what their own offspring work so very hard to achieve.

We were consider, recently, while staying with friends, that UNthankfulness incurs the wrath of God - that means we ought to be extra specially careful to be giving thanks in all things if we say that we love Him. For some people it is more of an effort than others. It seems to come VERY easily to Victoria who shouts out a loud 'hurray' and raises her left arm enthusiastically, at the LEAST provocation (such as the prospect of a trip to Tesco, for 'schapping'). What a JOY it is to have Victoria entrusted to my care!


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