Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


After months of working with Victoria on the words from the ladybird 'Baby's first picture book' - first with the pictures which had words at the bottom with which which Victoria had to match the laminated copies of the words. Next with a photocopy of the picture/word with the word folded to one side and the picture on the other (so she could see only the word but could flip it and check she was right) then on to words in sets of four on one card. Today I gave her the chance to read what I was showing her first and she read3 or 4 of them, quite readily. One of them she tried something else first and then (having realised it was wrong herself) corrected herself to say 'flower'. I was VERY excited (I seem to be developing my excitableness...) - I even got her to look at a set of 4 word cards and select the one I asked her. I guess the next thing woudl be to ask her to give me two word cards which I ask her for. However, for the time being I think this a major step forward.

Yesterday I cut out circles, large and small, and hearts, also large and small. After laminating them I had Victoria sort all the hearts into one basket and circles into another. On Saturday we were told that words which you train a child to say will soon appear in everyday language - so I hope she will notice circles around her through the day. The shapes were in 5 different colours so we can go on to 'give me the big red circle' - and also proceed to have phrases which she can learn to read, then match (or find the phrase which matches a selected shape). I'll try to restrain my enthusiasm and not push her too fast.

today I hope to make a dress for victoria and a matching one for her little friend who, although younger, is the same size - I WILL take a picture and post it.


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