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Monday, March 02, 2009


Yesterday, on the way back from a wonderful day out (in which Victoria spent a lot of time having fun with a little friend of about 2 years old) the current 14-y-old lad wanted to hold Victoria, knowing she would go to sleep (everyone wants to hold her when she's sleeping - oh, provided she has a nappy on of course....) and when we were nearly home I heard in a deep voice and satisfied tone 'you know, Victoria has a very sweet snore'....
Yesterday, too, Victoria went to sunday school for the first time - she loved it and James made sure she didn't cause too-great disruption.
The day before that I had a very exciting time at a day conference done by D.S. OK. Lots of information was dished out and the power-point slides were reproduced (almost small enough to require a magnifying glass!) with space beside for writing on . Now all that remains is to trawl through all the pages and implement what is appropriate now and DO it!
Earlier last week I had a lady from Basingstoke phone me who is thinking of home-ed for her little lad. when we get together that will give me a further opportunity of learning, by teaching, the very important stuff about reading, writing and speech. I think that the most important word of the day was 'stability' - to have the whole body stable (which is no mean achievement for someone whose muscles are like over-stretched elastic bands...) is key to SO MUCH - not just walking. Ideas to improve stability led me to become convinced that a climbing frame would now be very useful for Victoria, so I'll aim at getting one sooner than later.
Also last week, on Friday, Victoria 'vanished'. She was discovered in the room where we do schoolwork - she could have been 'anywhere' since the door was also open. Within half an hour I was at Mothercare selecting stair gates to limit Victoria's roaming either outside or beyond the bathroom. Now all we have to do is remember to keep the doors closed when she's up. I plan to make some 'no entry' signs (like on the roadsides) for on the gates and hope that Victoria will learn not to go beyond such signs. If that becomes habit it will make it easier to keep her safe at church where she wants to wander off through doors and has no sense (like other toddlers in new territory) of keeping near family.
What an action-packed existence Victoria has, Samuel just came in to tell me that she's really getting the hang of putting three words together - signed or verbal - in order to make a request!!
In the early hours, while Victoria was sleeping in my bed, I was listening to a Dan Barker v Doug Wilson debate on the evidence for the existence of the Triune God. The comment which Dan Barker made that 'there can't be a God because there are children who suffer' ... 'anyone who sees children suffering in hospital' must know that. I looked at Victoria and wondered at the mystery of the incalculable JOY which Victoria not only HAS but also IMPARTS - whether this is 'because of' or 'in spite of' could be debated - however, the reality can't be disputed. My experience (from the inside of hospitals treating suffering children) is that there is a greater tenderness on teh part of staff and parents and a greater thankfulness and joy (rather than stubborn resistance to thankfulness such as Dan Barker demonstrates) from everyone than seems reasonable - but there it is!


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