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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Following a week of having 4 extra children in the house Victoria (although she has missed a few of her morning sessions) I've noticed that her speech has continued to develop. Today she amused me with requesting a biscuit and then going on to indicate 'wait'!
when she was looking through her words (from the old Ladybird first picture book) she read more of them then I thought she could.
I'm now turning my mind to how I can teach her Bible truths and a book which I bought at a recent Tedd Tripp conference seems ideal as a basis. The only problem is that it is decidedly Baptistic besides missing out essential stuff about communion and the church. Our pastor has, very helpfully, highlighted areas in which I can use the picture-prompts and re-define them as well as other areas in which more information (and more pics) need to be added.
I intend to use the pics as prompts (because visual memory is good for children with D.S.) for catechism questions. Over the Easter break I'm going to make it a priority to sort out these - perhaps photos stuck on card with writing on the back. I had been using some Bible picture flash-cards but the easy ones (which v. knew very well) went astray on that day when she wandered off to our work-place and messed everything up...
This afternoon I asked (a reluctant) Joanna to take V. out on the trampoline. She was plonked onto the little one and folded herself over looking a bit despairing. I called out that it was the big trampoline she wanted to go and the look of joy on her face when she got there confirmed it. When she was in, a bit later, and I was telling someone in the house about it she looked knowingly at me (and said/signed 'big trampoline'). Thomas, whilst pleased with this progress is frustrated that she doesn't SAY more - all we can do is keep the conversations going and look forward to the time when she gets it all together.


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