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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

speech therapy

Tina seemed to be bending over backwards to convince the youngster who is assessing Victoria in her capacity of speech therapist that Victoria isn't as stupid as her September report indicated. Victoria still didn't either warm to her or easily understand what she expected of her. I confirmed that I didnt' want weekly input from this person (though she did seem to indicate that it could be her 'or someone else') and she is going to ask her supervisor (who, I hope, will be the lady I had a good chat to after her lecture on speech-therapy services which I attended a few months ago) whether it is OK to just assess at 3-month intervals.
I'm glad it's over but we're not really any wiser. she suggests that the sounds we should begin working on are those which Victoria CAN'T do (like 'k' ) and blend them with any vowels. I thought there might be certain consonant/vowel combinations which would LOGICALLY be a good starting point. It's galling when you just are not understood by the person you are trying to communicate with. it makes me very thankful for having had Tina, who always seemed to understand where I was coming from and supported me perfectly.
At least Victoria showed perfectly well (and with astonishing swiftness) which, of three pictures showing vowels, she was asked to point to. she even went back to the book afterwards and named/signed some of the pictures.
Victoria will be expected to learn some new signs for verbs next, once we recieve the promised list from the speech therapist.


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