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Saturday, January 10, 2009

precious moments

Ron and I went to costco this mng. Victoria came along for the ride. She enjoyed seeing all the things and from time to time would wave her arms about and interpret what she was seeing. On the way back I was holding her hands to make them warm and she started singing . The first two phrases seemed to be about being warm (or maybe her hands being warm) and she developed the theme for the next 10 minutes. The range of notes she used was from Doh to Soh - all fascinating stuff. I was reminded of an 'Ealing Comedy' in which the bad guy was masquerading as the Bishop of Matebeleland and offered a mock quote from Scripture in the local lingo!! I can't say it often enough, Victoria is the greatest blessing this family has ever had!
Still in the habit of pulling out the hair on the right while she sucks the left fingers, it really was looking VERY wild. Today after Joanna bathed her and washed her hair I made a fringe and trimmed all round so that it was less imbalanced. Before she went to bed last night I sewed up her sleeve so she couldn't pull out hair - will have to do that on all her PJ's I fear, if she is to develop proper HAIR any time.
She's having a late sleep now after all the excitement of the morning.


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