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Thursday, January 01, 2009

expanding vocabulary

After visiting friends with a dog Victoria can now, when she thinks about it, say 'dog' - rather than 'oooh' when she sees one. Today I noticed that she said 'don't' when I threatened to tickle her - I daresay she's been saying that to James for a while since he often does, or threatens to do, things of which she disapproves.
As for all the other things she says, well, I'd better get making a list because next Wednesday we have a visit from the speech therapist who was so very negetive back in September.
Victoria has really enjoyed all the visitors we've had over Christmas - we've got more today and more again (including small people) on Saturday.
Monday sees us all with our noses back to the grindstone and since all the details of what I need to be doing with Victoria over the coming weeks is not yet are not finalised I'll be needing to do some more reading-up today.
Photos are being printed for which I have to type up text to make a 'book' for Victoria which will use some of the words she has been workign on each day (including many of the family names).


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