Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I have been aware that I needed to update- my excuse for leaving it so long again is that I've not really been well enough.
Victoria is getting along nicely although a recent run through the developmental check-lists was a little discouraging - mostly because she doesn't SAY much. I tell myself that she follows conversations well and communicates (finding a bit of biscuit she left yesterday she just asked me, quite effectively, whether she could have it) so I assume she understands a lot. The report from the recent speech-therapy visit (which went a bit better than the September one, but not much!) was also depressing. The lady who is of most help right now is the visual impairment support lady. She told me she knows of a group which meets about 10 miles away - it's a group speech-therapy thing. I hope to find out more. I am painfully aware that parents with a child who has d.s., if they have NOTHING else ALWAYS have a speech therapist. A group opportunity will be a good sight better than nothing. Meanwhile I continue to follow the guidance from the Down syndrome Education trust and otherwise do just as I have with the others and hope for the best.
While I've not been well Samuel has been doing the morning session with Victoria some times. She seems to enjoy that. Advice from the visual impairment lady (Cathy) has caused me to re-do the names in Arial so I'll need to laminate them. It will be interesting to see if Victoria finds them easier to read. meanwhile I have finally added sentences to the book of pictures of family members - we'll start on reading that tomorrow. An action-packed weekend of visitors will give Victoria lots to entertain and instruct her - she LOVES people.


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