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Thursday, December 18, 2008

goodbye portage

One of my readers has suggested that the postings here are a bit like busses in town - you wait for ages then you get 3 or 4 at once. I shall try and be less erratic!
Today we had the final visit from our portage lady. She didn't do much - just filled in forms and asked me if I knew what I was doing next. I could hardly say 'no, I think you ought to have continued coming until Victoria is compulsary school age' - now, COULD I?!!
Now it has come, I am not as bothered about it as I was when it was in prospect. I think we'll just carry on referring to the Developmental Journal and the eye-lady will keep us moving forward in some ways. If we get speech therapy (and I'm dubious about it) that woudl also help keep us a little on track.
I was re-reading some stuff I bought at Downs Ed. It offered suggestions for cultivating, maintaining and developing speech sounds (something the speech therapist was fairly adamantly against back in september.....) and therefore we are concentrating on 5 words which, with prompting, Victoria can say - she just needs to get better at them - and we all need to make her work on them. I think she uses fewer sounds now than when we used to run through the Jolly Phonics cards each morning - so we'll be back onto that. It often feels like it is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back - but at least Victoria is jolly about it.
She has recently been practicing looking after babies. She makes 'crying baby' noises whilst looking at her baby, then she takes it up and kisses and cuddles it. Then she lies it down and says it's sleeping - all very cute. On the walk yesterday she added the noise she makes for 'cold' to indicate that the baby was crying because she was cold. Well, who'd blame her, she hadn't any clothes on at all - I told Victoria to tuck her in under the blanket and she followed that instruction perfectly then looked very satisfied with the arrangement.
I don't think she knows it but I am sure that she is looking forward to seeing Timothy on Saturday.


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