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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Now as if it were not challenging enough (what with all the busy-ness going on, especially at this time of the year) to keep on good communication terms with Victoria I noticed a new thing happening today. She was sitting in her chair in the kitchen - enjoying watching the hustle and bustle of Christmas food prep. She started to say something which, because she was pointing, was understood to be 'cup' - next she was saying something I never heard before. Thankfully, when I turned round from the washing up, I could see she was pointing at the raisins 'by-bites' is what they were until today, can't quite remember what that has evolved into today - it was enough that I understood she wanted raisins in a cup - which she got!
She's easy to please and VERY patient with those of us who are slow of understanding, thankfully.

she's also been very good about the Christmas tree (she signs 'christmas tree lights' - very impressive!) since we followed Lucy's recommendation of hanging a wooden spoon on a low branch at the front of the tree.


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