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Saturday, November 22, 2008

snow-suits and eyes

The physio missed the appointment (she wrote it down and I checked it a few times during the day) - I guess that almost makes us even, I have forgotten about her intended visits on more than one ocassion in the past....
The portage lady has 2 more trips before she is finished.
We have an appointment (here) with the 'visually impaired' teacher lady coming up in a couple of weeks - she sounded helpful and I will have my questions lined up to fire at her.
As well as that we have the cardiolgy appointment coming up on the 10th of Dec.
I made contact with Cardiff and we have an appointment for their specialist clinic (for d.s. and their peculiar visual challenges) in Jan.
I've been trying to buy a new snow-suit for Victoria. Back in the old days one could buy them for up to 4 years old. I'm only sorry that I didn't keep some of the old ones. The biggest I can find now is 12-18 months and the body is too short (though the arms and legs are not). Consequently I currently have a mess of assorted things hauled out of my fabric-store and since I have a pattern whcih I think will do the job, will start to make a snow-suit - not sure about the hood though... I also found a pattern for a sleeping bag (one of those things with arm-holes) and intend to make one and put the fastening at the back. Victoria climbs and the only way to restrict her is by using one of these ingenious things. Teh two which she has are worn-out and they have the disadvantage of having the zip on the front - if it is reversed the neck is high at the front and low at the back! Well, I like a challenge so I shall aim to crack that problem over the next few days, especially with the prospect of the lowering of the temperature.


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