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Saturday, November 15, 2008

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I've got an appointment for Victoria at the specialist (down syndrome) eye clinic at Cardiff - in January. Research has been done there into the use of bi-focals to address typical vision problems in people with trisomy 21.
Meanwhile we continue our daily 'schoolwork' sessions and sometimes, like yesterday, get VERY excited. At the start of yesteday's session Victoria knew that 'apple' was in there somewhere and had a go twice and then correctly identified 'flower, teddy' and one other word. She can flip the paper to see a picture so that she can check whether she was right. They we go on to match words - which she is pretty good at too. Some days even the word-matching is a disaster but, on the whole, I believe that the daily repetition and structure are laying a foundation upon which she will build. The only one of the names she consistently recognises is 'joanna' which she signs back to me.

Yesterday our walk was cut short by the distraction of the fish-shop (that was because I had taken Simon along!) where we had a lovely time looking at all the pretty flashing fish. There were also snakes and lizards in the shop. We bought a couple which Simon carried. We left him a the end of the lane so he could walk home while we continued to the post office. Victoria signed (and said, but not so as YOU would understand...) Simon, gone, home. What she says for 'home' is everythign except the first letter. On the way back 'ome' Victoria told me that she wanted to watch a 'film' about the 'bear' - we've been watching a bit of 'realms of the russian bear' each afternoon this week.
Earlier in the week Richard was determined to teach her to say 'zip'. He went through each of the three sounds but when he asked her to say the whole word she reversed the sounds and made it 'piz'. Everyone was highly amused! Entertainment AND education!
Having Victoria around is making us all sensitive to the way we pronounce words, which is no bad thing. this week, too, we watched 'My Fair Lady' (in 18 separate downloadable bits from utube!!!!) which caused great hilarity and futher focused our attention on our speech.
Victoria is ALMOST running - I don't think she has got to the point where she has two feet off the ground at once though - not quite!
Today mischief is likely to ensue as I am taking Lucy out for the day, for her birthday. I hope that Samuel will be able to keep on top of it and I'm sure that he will relish the hour when Victoria has her morning nap!!


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