Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Victoria did well at the eye appointment but it was evident that she is seeing less well in both eyes plus the fact that she is not using her left eye much at all. Consequently we came away with 3 boxes of patches and she will see the consultant in February.
I had a night full of dreams about eye-patches and trauma!. The lady we saw said that we should be aiming for 2 hours per day and that if we only got 5 minutes with her useful eye covered in order to make her other one work, that was good. Well, I put the patch on at 8am and David put her in the bouncer - for the first 10 minutes she was none-too-pleased but after that she made very little fuss. It was funny talking to her face and having the eye which is normally looking in at her nose LOOKING at me!! Richard took her out to see the goats and she wasn't even too bad walking round in the house. The signing film used up the rest of the two hours and now she has gone for her morning nap. So I'm praising the Lord that Victoria is not traumatised by patching (at least today!!) and that it seems to have had a positive effect even this once.
Having one extra thing to think about is a little tiresome but at least there are other people around happy to offer entertainment and distraction when necessary.

I must get a picture of her with her patch on - she looks very funny!


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