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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

and another one...

this one isn't with the camera-face - she was just coming out of it at this point!
another thing I meant to say was that a couple of weeks ago, while we were at the table one of the lads said 'when I get married I want a little girl with down syndrome just like Victoria' - then another of the lads seconded that. A discussion about the inimitable character of Victoria was followed up with thoughts on adoption.... A friend having told me recently that she was shown a scan picture of a baby who was aborted because a positive test for down syndrome sends shivers down my spine - if only they KNEW what JOY Victoria (and so many other children with d.s.) brings - enough to make caring for such a person desirable to teenage boys - they wouldn't believe the discriminatory lie which suggests that this is a life which is of no value to be disposed of.


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