Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Our daily walk has taken an upgrade. Via ebay (and very kind friends in Coventry who collected it from the seller then arranged to drop it of here....) I now have a snazzy emmaljunga pushchair with pnematic tyres and excellent springs. We'd not gone more than 100 yards yesterday afternoon before Victoria was joyfully testing out the springs! The main reason for buying another puschair at this late stage (she's 3 and a quarter now...) is that this one can face me. In the excellent A.T.puschair Victoria and I are facing the same way and can't work on refining speech sounds because she can't see me. Joanna and James also joined us on yesterday's constitutional. Joanna brought along a little dolly-pushchair which Victoria was raring to have a go at but had to wait until a strictly off-road section of the route. She couldnt' drive it straight and at one point even headed off back in the direction we came in. She had a whale of a time but when I decided that enough was enough she was heartbroken. James took it all but the final 200 yard back home - where Victoria got a go again. while we were walking she would stop and hold on with one hand and tell joanna there was a car (when there wasn't!) she waited until such time as the imaginary car passed, meanwhile holding on to the handle with one hand and standing at right angles to the pram (just like I do when waiting for a car to pass!!!) - what a hoot - I could just spend all my day watching and playing with Victoria - she has such a lot to teach me!!
She's working on her efforts at communicating though the signing is very inaccurate and it is a struggle to decode her - bless her, she's persistent and patient. Sometimes she does give up and other times she settles for something other than complete comprehension.

In this last week she has begun to emulate a trend in the house when the phone rings. She tells if it is 'David's phone' or just 'phone' and puts her finger and thumb, clasped, to her earhole. She gets up and attempts to beat whoever else is racing to pick it up - she actually DID pick up the phone (I am told) when she happened to be seated in office when it rang - mercifully she picked up the reciever of the phone which wasn't ringing - she said hello into before being discovered!

A newly discovered ability to reach the door handle and therefore open the door means that I shall have to follow the advice of a dear lady from N.I I met who had a large 'no entry' sign on the front door to prevent her repeated attempts at escape.

Currently we are working on building up her memory with some folded cards which have pictures on the inside of children doing various things. We've signed the referral form for someone to come and assess what might be done for her to compensate for her poorly functioning eyes in connection with education - so that shoudl be interesting.


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