Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


while we have been away the biggest improvement has been in Victoria's speech. She enjoyed hours and hours on the beach (though we had to watch her - she has an obsession with shoes and wandered over to anyone who had removed theirs and attempted to make off with them on her feet...) and in the sea. She's still not quite running but is getting sturdier on her feet.

Victoria has learnt to say when she needs to go to the toilet and has been perfected an extended version of 'no' - it sounds like 'no-ah' and mostly is loudly produced!

The last week of our time away was sharing a bungalow with another family whose daughter (18 months older than Victoria) also has d.s. One of the delights was to hear the other little girl talking (yes, you could sometimes pick up the words she was saying) to Victoria and Victoria waiting for her turn to reply - they both stuck at it surprisingly long - it's great to see someone a little bit ahead of Victoria. Another of the delights of that week was the 'special needs' parents coffee-morning. A great deal of encouragement was offered in the face of REAL trial and difficulty. The fact that our 'special needs' children are fundamentally 'special' in their role in the body of Christ and that they can contribute in a way which no 'normal' person of any age could BEGIN to was what we were all left with. I was moved to tears when we were told of a dear lad who is autistic responding to the news of the advance to the Glory of a dearly love Aunty with a thrilled 'wow!!!! - so she's gone to see God!!!'. Oh for a faith like this.....


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    We must become like little children. . .

    Thinking of you all,


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