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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This morning Victoria discovered that there was a bolt on the inside of the cloakroom door. Plaintiff cries of 'wee' coming from the inside alerted David to the situation. Samuel discovered that the window wasn't open so a rescue attempt through the window wasn't possible. Victoria, on being encouraged to open the door, did fiddle about with the bolt - but to no effect. Ron came to the rescue with a crow-bar! Victoria seemed quite amused to see ron's face through the crack created by the crow-bar. The door-frame now needs replacing and the lock will be moved higher up. Victoria was told that it was naughty - but whether she will try it again, I couldn't count on. Actually, she's done rather a lot of naughty (or adventurous?!) things today - including (shock, horror) walking right through the kitchen to the utility room!

it was a relief when she went for her morning nap.

At Ikea yesterday I bought Victoria an easel with a blackboard on one side and whiteboard on the other. AT least she can access this without running the risk of ruining her clothes. The other children have, so far, used it more than Victoria has.... I did read somewhere that children who have unlimited access to writing/drawing materials learn to read earlier - something about the processing of the information occurring on the paper in front of them I think.


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