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Saturday, September 20, 2008

growing up and results

This picture of Victoria was taken just after she had chicken pox - I took a series of 6 pics in which she looks very grown-up.
Things which Victoria likes doing right now include plucking on the strings of the balaika (which Richard is attempting to learn to play). She pulls on a string and then listens to the sound as it dies away. Yesterday she signed 'joanna cuddle' though the 'words' confused people so it took some time to figure that that was what she was saying...
A new batch of (secondhand) books arrived in today so she sat checking them out before returning to her balalaika practice this morning.

The speech-therapy assessment report came through earlier this week . It was not very encouraging and when I go to the 'introduction to our services' day on Friday I shall ask whether they have anyone who has informed themselves of the research done by the Downs Syndrome Ed. Trust in Portsmouth. If they haven't I don't see that they can be of much use and and prob. will be somewhat of a frustration if we have someone regularly (as they propose after Christmas).
In spite of my 'free' week before starting up schoolwork, I haven't sat down and worked out a plan for what I am going to do with Victoria - consequently all the ideas are bouncing around in my head and I am trying to remain aware of all the potential learning opportunities (and not just concentrate on speech/communication) which come up throughout the day. I DO need to formalise it a bit so that I don't miss out anything important though. I've got lots of resources (in the way of 'stuff') but without planning I could fail to get the best out of them for Victoria.
I re-introduced some word/picture matching this week - from a cut-up ladybird first words/pictures book and she wasn't, at least, digging her heels in like she was last time we tried.


  • At 8:59 PM, Blogger The Mom said…

    She really looks like you in that picture

  • At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    aaa cute


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