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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ears clear

The hearing test went well. When we went in to the room we were the only folks there. When we stepped out there was a collection of people on the seats in the corridor most of whom expressed facial pleasure at seeing Victoria walk out of the room and some of whom said 'what a lovely little girl' and such-like things. I remember reading a while ago that people with D.S. don't pick up subtle nuances of social interchange and can fully imagine that (if this verbal appreciation from total strangers continues) I will hear Victoria responding 'yes, I am aren't I' in the future. Now if I can train her to add 'that's the way the Lord has created me, for His Glory' - that WILL be something!
The visit from the physio yesterday was as of limited value as always - though I have some sheets of paper showing what people are normally doing at 2, 2 1/2, and 3 years respectively. The portage session was of use - it helped me feel good because I have not done any 'work' with Victoria since I got back (and did precious little structured work with her while I was away, come to think of it). The recent walks (using the Bob pushchair - thanks Tonya!!!!) have been testing Victoria's balance and strengthening her tummy muscles - she has to try and stay upright or at least correct herself each time we go over bumps and this should help her coping with steps (shifting her weight from one leg to the other). We choose the off-road routes and as anyone who knows me will realise, we DON'T go slowly. The scents which strike our noses (though we can't always see where they are coming from ) are particularly delightful - then there are always dogs to see. The next appointment isn't until Weds - the cardiology check. No spots, though I heard from a friend that it is not uncommon for people with D.S. don't manifest symptoms of chicken pox and poss. other things. That makes me feel a good deal better about not opting for vaccination....


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