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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blood pressure

We had a pleasant encounter with the cardiologist yesterday. The four-limb blood pressures are pretty much the same (and she didnt' have an echo or ecg). The raised blood pressure caused by the narrowing continues to be a concern. The surgeon suggested that meds. until she's 6 and can have a stent, was the way forward. I told the card. that I wasn't too keen on long-term meds. He is of the opinion that nothing other than surgery can solve the prob. but has prescribed some medicine which might lower the blood pressure - though he's not hopeful. The pharmacist advised me to read the small-print (which, of course, I DID) and seeing that it says 'not to be given to children' and then lists a load of side-effects, I made an appointment to see the GP. I've to wait for 2 weeks - either he doesn't work much these days or he's VERY popular! We are to go back to the Brompton in December. I hope that by then the surgeon will be of one mind with the cardiologist, if that is the will of God for Victoria.
tomorrow we get the eye-test
today we have portage and are enjoying the sunshine.


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