Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Victoria has learnt to get someone's attention and then pat the ground next to her when she wants them to come and sit beside her - very endearing but perhaps the thin end of a wedge which could end up with her ruling the WORLD! She's got almost all the teeth she ought to have - at long last - and uses them very well. Eating has been pretty good recently. I still, largely, keep her off wheat and cow-dairy and too often forget to give her her vitamins.
The work we are doing in the morning has a heavy emphasis on discriminating between big and little and the children are aware of that and help her in this area throughout the day. She can now drink out of a normal beaker without (always!) drowning herself but still doens't get much opportunity to feed herself with a spoon because much of what she eats isn't very compliant at staying on the spoon.
We're resuming the language group a week on Monday and we are waiting to hear from a speech therapist who will evaluate where Victoria is up to. I've arranged an afternoon workshop on the subject of music in the development of children with D.S. which Judy Barker from Milton Keynes is coming to do - I'm looking forward to that because it will help parents to realise the importance of music as an aid in gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social as well as being valuable fun!


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