Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Victoria is still sleeping (as are most of the others...) and so I thought I'd better update here. We had a delightful week in Wales where we managed to get out for a walk in the hills a couple of days and saw REAL sheep (rather than only on the pages of books) and lambs. Chicks have hatched at home and have been in the lounge (until yesterday when they got too smelly and were evicted) which provided great entertainment for Victoria though she didn't much like holding them. While we were away Victoria had lots of new people to relate to and her communication skills were developed further. STill not many real words but she was particularly intrigued by the baby also visiting and she enjoyed imitating the sounds the baby made.
Now Lucy is home Victoria is re-establishing a relationship with her and doesn't view her as quite so scarey now. A friend of Lucys who works as a classroom assistant in a special school in Leicester was visiting most recently and taught us a few more Makaton signs as well as being very 'at home' with Victoria. Now the room-tidying and change-round continues and I've discovered lots of old tapes which I'd forgotten about. The books go tomorrow so I've to list the rest of them - so it's all 'go'. Victoria new adventurous streak means that for the time being she is fastened into her pram with some things to do - there's no telling what mischief she might get up to while there is no one to trail her and the seeds on the windowsill are a particular concern!


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