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Thursday, February 14, 2008

amusing features

Victoria has David's old mobile phone. She has learnt mmobile phone protocol from watching David. Normally he is sitting at the dinner table with his fork half way to his mouth and the phone rings and he scrambles out whilst opening it, saying 'David speaking...' before he gets out of the room. The other feature of phone conversations Victoria has learnt is that sometimes you have to use your other hand to waft about to re-inforce what you are saying (honest, she doesn't get it from me, I hardly ever use the phone.....!) AND one has to stroll about for as long as one is talking. Victoria imitates all this very well and if one interupts her with an 'OK, then..!' she closes with a 'bye'. She's been doing a fair bit of 'talking' on the phone in the past few days. She's practicing all the sounds which are new to her. I still can't get her to say 'oh' - she's funny when she does her best to imitate the sounds I'm modelling for her and is extending her repertoire to include a fair attempt at 'e' (as in elephant) as well as 'ou' (for out) and 'u' (for up).

I'm considering whether I ought to get an occupational therapy evaluation.
She's learning to 'jump' and was very co-operative when the physio showed her, today, how she can shift the weight from one leg to the other - I think with suitable music Victoria could believe herself to be dancing like that. That would appeal to her.


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