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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

daily routine

Having been asked recently 'what DO you do with Victoria in the morning' I thought it might be useful to set down what it is which occupies our half-an-hour closetted together. We don't always do the activities in the same order, nor everything every day.
'compare bears' in red and yellow (all of one size, the little ones, they're cute!) are counted into either a red or a yellow pot. We use five of each. An extension of this is to hold out one of each colour and ask Victoria to select one of them and put it into the right coloured pot.
Lauri pegs - plastic pegs which can be lined up and pushed together and pulled apart.
Threading. Recently we have progressed from large-holed wooden beads onto a stick glued into another bead, to threading onto a stiffened bit of shoe-lace.
Using photos of 5 family members which are named Victoria has to choose (from two) the name card which I hold up and ask her for one of. Then she matches them. The goal is to have her pick up a name at my request when the pictures have been put away. I'm sure she knows 'Victoria' and less sure about the others....
A tin with a hinged lid is used to hide 3 or 4 small items. I shake it about and ask for her to pick out a particular item increasing the time lapse before I open it and she can see into the tin and make her selection.
The activity which, even on a bad day, is always pleasurable to Victoria is the jolly phonics worksheets coloured in and laminated which, when held up, prompt Victoria to rehearse some of the sounds she knows and learn new ones.
Wooden puzzles with the pieces which have little knobs on offer practice in using the thumb and finger together and putting the pieces back in give opportunity to learn words like 'too big', 'too small' , 'rotate', 'turn round' and sometimes 'behind you'!!!!

It has been helpfully said that in any activity one must keep clear in my mind what is the aim (are we counting or are we trying to improve her signing, for example) but sometimes we take a little diversion and sing a song!


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