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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

potty tng. etc

Potty training, though spread over a longer period of time than with the others, is not going too badly, all things considered.
The physio, whom we haven't seen for about 5 weeks, was VERY impressed that Victoria didn't have a nappy on.
The reason the physio came was because I was a bit concerned about Victoria's wobbliness in walking since the catherisation. At least she WILL walk now, but she falls over very easily. The physio showed me that there is a muscle in her right thigh which is quite tensed up - this is because of where the needle had to go in.
David and I (independantly of one another) have been online to see the options for the surgery which Victoria needs so as I started to tell him what I had found out, we compared notes!
I got a cute picture of Victoria with her little class in Leatherhead on Monday. It was suggested that since it was the last one of the year we might like to dress up in a Christmassy manner. it was planned that Victoria would wear her red dress but the lack of a nappy when she went for her morning sleep put paid to that! Instead she wore her 'Christmas tree fairy' dress (which Thomas bought for her when she was one and which she has been striving to grow into ever since!) - the tinsel in the hair completed the picture.
Will try and upload next....


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