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Monday, October 22, 2007

October update

Victoria now walks nicely and enjoys climbing on to and off a sofa. Last weekend we were invited to friends (at the end of a week in which I had read that the only thing missing in the first section of development was climbing up/down stairs) on the Sunday. They have a very handy, carpetted, flight of 5-stairs in their house, which enabled Victoria to master the skills. It's wonderful to see how the Lord takes care of all this sort of detail!
We now have the date for the investigation into the co-arctation of the aorta. We should go in on the 19th of November, DV. A general anasthetic will be necessary. First the camera will be sent along the aorta with a view to finding out where the narrowing is. If it looks suitable, at the same time a balloon dilatation will be performed, or a stent could be put in place. If it doesn't look suitable for either of these proceedures we will come home and wait for a further appointment for surgery.
Victoria's not bothered about it of course(!!) and I ought not to be, because it is so much less major than what she had 2 years ago (the anniversary is the 25th of October) but I'm afraid that going back to the same place will restore all those half-remembered nightmarish experiences of that time. I guess I need to concentrate on the many, many causes for thankfulness associated with that time instead.
Victoria is enjoying the group at Leatherhead though I'm on my guard against the possibility of her picking up some of the bad habits of some of the other children there. She's pretty astute and figuring out what is required of her, and, so far, quite willing to comply (unlike some of the other children....). Victoria is, also, the most polite, always adding the makaton for 'please' and 'thank-you' after taking or handing back anything.
the most recent amusing 'trick' which Victoria has learned is a 'grrrrr' sound in the back of her throat at the sight of pictures showing bears/lions or the mention of the word 'scary'.
Lucy's home for a few days which is always enjoyable for everyone.


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