Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Monday, September 24, 2007


on the annual visit to the cardiologist (last Weds) it was discovered that Victoria's aorta is getting a bit narrower. She is waiting for an appointment to have a cardiac catheterisation so that a camera can be fed along the artery to see where the narrow spot is. After that a balloon dilatation (or something else, unspecified) can be performed in order to widen out the narrowing. This will mean from one to three days in hospital at some time in the near-ish future.
Meanwhile life continues crazy - and victoria loves it. There's always comings and goings. If I have to go out and leave her here she copes very well being looked after by Samuel. She likes her new little shoes I bought from TK Maxx on Saturday and was very entertaining at the church Harvest Supper on Saturday evening.
Her speech is coming on - she can say bye bye and book quite clearly. She had a go at saying 'dirty' today (I was trying to prevent her from picking up something she shouldn't). She performed a series of signs saying 'more biscuit please' when her first pair of oatcakes with goat-cheese between was finished.
She has her favourite place to sit in the dining room and has sometimes been found sitting outside (or, today, inside) the bathroom - we suppose she was waiting for a bath, but we're not sure. She's a poppet.
We all love her ever so much.
This afternoon she picked up a paper-back copy of a Henty book which one of the boys had carelessly left on the floor. Grabbing it (and it isn't light or thin) she hauled herself and it onto the sofa. Then she flopped backwards (I suspect she has seen one of the boys adopting this posture to enjoy a book) and opening the book on her chest began flicking through it (it wasn't always the right way up either...) with an ocassional chuckle to herself! I didn't manage to catch it on photo.


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