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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Downs Ed

This week Victoria and I went south to Portsmouth - for an open day at the Down Syndrome Education Trust. the chat I had with the lady there was very helpful and she gave me some useful pointers to help me in developing Victoria' speech and language.
We'll miss the group at Leatherhead on Monday (not a good start!) because we will be going to Cefn Lea. The Lord so arranged it that it is possible to spend the 4 days of the Cefn Lea homeschool holiday sharing the bungalow with a family from Birmingham who have not only got delightful children but their children include a 3-y old girl with d.s. The family came this week and stayed overnight before the mums and girls went to Portsmouth for the day on Thursday. I'm hoping the VDB's will make the most of the opportunity to learn and practice Makaton signs and that therefore Victoria will learn more.
Victoria can now walk about 10 steps quite confidently and is evidently pleased with her efforts.
Yesterday we had a delightful day at Birdworld with Victoria taking a keen interest in all she saw - especially the pony.
While Richard was showing the neighbour round the chickens which need feeding round here, while we are gone, this afternoon, she mentioned that if Victoria wanted to ride her little pony anytime she would be very welcome - so that's exciting.


  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous KathyP said…

    Praise God for His provision! Have a great time at Cefn Lea!


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