Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday Victoria learnt, and practiced the sign for biscuit - it is very sweet to watch her tap her left elbow twice with her right hand - she 'talks' at the same time.
I wonder what she will learn next.
She is enjoying meeting new folks down here in Cornwall and has been on the beach. yesterday at church once she had dropped off to sleep I laid her on a blanket on the floor - many people were blessed by seeing her asleep and awake! What a precious gift she is!
I wouldnt' be at all surprised if Victoria were walking by September - she's getting much better control of her balance as the weeks go by and can stand for some seconds before going down. We're still working on getting her walking around holding only one hand - she prefers two of course.
Today it is raining so we won't be going to the beach but tomorrow we hope to go to the beach.
David will be there so Victoria will be very happy!

Friday, July 06, 2007

general update.

James came in from the garden while I was ordering a train ticket for David at the computer. He held out a stalk with a petal on the end saying 'I brought you a flower, it was going to be a poppy but most of the pebbles fell off......'.
Today we had physio and portage. Victoria is standing for much longer and when she DOES go down it is much more controlled. Speaking of control, we kind of lost control of one her shoes since we got back - the knowledge that Jane was coming at 10.30am galvanised us, however, and Samuel discovered it in a bag. That meant that when Jane arrived Victoria was impressively trundling her ancient 'walker' up and down the concrete road - with a pair of 'Yellow Pages' in the front for stability.
Victoria has a cold and didn't sleep very well last night (guess who else didn't?). She can, however, blow her nose (I can hardly believe it!!). It sort of makes up for the lack of cooperation she showed when Tina (portage) came this afternoon. She shows a distinct preference for books above everything else though she made the car go 'broom broom' and chatted impressively on the 'telephone'. He telephone technique was improved while we were away and one or two brothers 'talked to her' - as expected she was stunned into silence while there WAS someone on the other end, however, she seems now to know what phone if for, which is fun!
On Wednesday this week we went to the hospital for an eye appointmetn. It was confirmed that Victoria still has a squint in her left eye and that she isn't moving her eye round (preferring to move her head) to the side as much as she could or ought. On monday we went along to an early ed. group which follows the ideas of the Downs Ed. group from Portsmouth. I think Victoria will find it fun.
Also this week when I was telling one of the children that Victoria has been sitting in the garden, she flattened out her left palm and drew a circle on it (as in 'round and round the garden') were we EXCITED? IMPRESSED? you bet! Whenever we do that rhyme is it not in connection with any real or pictured garden - she just connected the words she heard. She seem much more willing to have a go at makaton signs so we'll be majoring on that over th ecoming weeks. Portage doesn't happen again until September in any case. Perhaps when Tina comes back Victoria will be walking and signing - that would be fun!
I had read that if you show children makaton signs - even if before they are ready to use them, at the time they would begin to speak, they are inclined to use signs - so maybe were in for a lot of excitement while we are on our summer hols.
Still haven't quite finished unpacking from the Scotland trip but at least all the sleeping bags are washed and dried. The food needs sorting out - it's all dried or in tins - and some of it will be hauled down to Cornwall and Devon from where we hope to return around the 11th of August.
Six days after I returned, Ron left for Taunton where he and some of the boys have been erecting a barn. WE see them on tuesday as we go towards Truro via Newton Abbot.
This afternoon I drove over to Costco at REading with the disk containing 500 (ish) pics for printing. VEry much hoping (though not expecting) that they might be able to print them today, though supposing that I would have to return on Monday or Tuesday, I was delighted to find that they COULD do them. It took about an hour. I also bought some photo albums which are now full of the pictures. I 'll have to write where they all are in the next few week s- before I forget - but at least they are in order, and viewable.
Last night was a late one, tomorrow morning will be an early one, tomorrow night will be late too as I will be collecting David from Virginia Water station, so I'd better stop now.
I'll just say that Philip and Timothy arrived safely in Switzerland - by plane rather than by car since Philip's car blew up at Illminster on the way back from Taunton on WEdnesday evening... They are due back on Monday - I'm collecting them late from the station too....
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