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Saturday, June 09, 2007

anyone still checking here?

In case anyone is still checking this blog let me report on how Victoria is enjoying travelling and how she is progressing.
Victoria is in a determined habit of waking at 4.30am and NOT having two sleeps during the day. No matter how late she gets to bed she is pretty fixed on an early start. She has days when she doesnt' want to drink much at all but on the worst days she gets 8 fl oz of milk (by hook or by crook!!). She is as lovely and uncomplaining as ever and turns heads here in Orkney as whereever else she goes.
Her latest faces are QUITE a hoot and one of her new skills is to hold onto only ONE hand while walking.
she gets to do some things out her special box (like picture matching) some times - though not as often as if she were at home - and she doesn't really spend very much time on the floor -mostly she is in a pushchair, car-seat or (preferably!) in someone's arms. She's getting REALLY good at doing 'kisses' - but when she makes contact with someone's face it is still the open-mouth sort of kiss, with sound effects. She has learnt to make a 'j' sound - for Joanna or James.
She particularly enjoyed her ride in the trailer behind thomas's bike yesterday.
this morning on the boat trip she saw some seals - got very excited about the spray from the motor of the boat - and after looking at only a very few of the nesting birds, fell asleep on Samuel's lap. She's happy about the sun having come out this afternoon - for the first time since we came here (8 days ago) because she doesn't have to have her coat on.
Samuel is looking after her and the other little ones while Thomas and I are at the library.


  • At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Tina Portage said…

    Sorry not to have posted any comments sooner but I have been reading what you have been up to. Sound like you are having a real adventure!!!!
    Victoria looks very cute in the photos and great to hear about her walking one handed. She must be having some fantastic experiences.
    Missing you and hope your last few weeks are great.



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