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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

for a change...

Thought I'd offer an update on Victoria. She's currently trying to open out the Daily Telegraph. She says 'ba ba' quite a lot - it has a multitude of meanings including 'can I have that other Daily Telegraphy too?'. This morning she stood herself up in the middle of the floor. The proceedure involves (obviously) planting her feet on the floor and straightening her legs. The she unfolds herself into the upright position and has a look of anticipation ("what's going to happen now?") about her. Then she stays there for up to 2 seconds flopping down (straight-legged, bottom first) back to sitting. She gets a great thrill out of it, and therefore so do we all.
A recent attack of migraine preciptated the end of expressing milk - which is just as well - it had to be finished by next monday when we leave for Scotland. Consequently Victoria has, along with her vitamin supplement, daily 'dha' oils. She only drinks from a bottle (a bit of a defeat for me, I was rather keen that she would drink from a cup....) but will swallow water squirted into her mouth from a 'sport' water bottle - which is going to be handy while we're gone from home. She has 2 or 3 bottles of goat milk a day. She now eats bread (made with spelt) and prefers the sort which has raisins in it. she's also rather partial to chocolate-chip cookies.
Her eyes are sometimes better than others but generally it is the left eye which is dodgy. I'm hopeful that being out-doors so much will help give plenty of exercise for the eyes.
Today she will be able to exercise her eyes while enjoying the fresh breezes at Lymington because this is the day that Wednesday Junior Sailing begins.


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