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Monday, March 19, 2007


Last week we went to Ashford hospital for an eye clinic appointment which wasn't - I dimly remembered having received a letter changing this appointment but the letter I HAD was the original, not the replacement. hey ho - it was a pleasant trip out anyway and I was back sooner than I thought I would be. The REAL appointment is tommorow afternoon - which means we miss hydro.
The real prompt for this blog was, however, that Simon has created a 7.5volt electric eraser - with a switch. All his brothers think he's amazing - I dont' know that he makes SO many mistakes that he would need such an invention but it is fun to see what things he thinks of. He also got his typewriter out again to compose the next installment of the story of Lukee. I asked him what it was going to be about and he said 'it's about Lukee has a heart attack'!!! The opening sentence is pretty good - but he's not got much beyond that. The writing program we are using (Institute for Excellence in Writing - structure and style) is quite inspiring, I suspect this is behind Simon's desire to continue the writing he started when he had his leg in plaster.


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