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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Eyes....

this afternoon we went to Ashford Hospital, as planned, but half an hour late (because I didn't look at the paper upon which the receptionist wrote the time when I went last time and found the appointment was cancelled....) I thought it was 2.30 - so we got there at 2.30 (ish..).
We got seen straight away - and I apologised for being late. The lady who checked Victoria over was very pleasant. She had an astonishing collection of pencils with jolly tops on - the best one she showed us was the koosh-ball ostrich - in bright green - can you imagine that? She found that Victoria still has a slight squint (though I don't notice it) and on the positive side she said that Victoria is very good and using both eyes. That is to say that when an object is moved across her field of vision she follows it with one as far as she can and then takes over with the other one. That means that one won't get a chance to be underused and consequently useless. We have another appointment in July, this time at St Peter's. I supposed we went to Ashford because there was not a department at ST. Peters but I find that is not the case. Apart from parking being VERY difficult at St Peter's it is really preferable on account of being closer to home. So, Victoria missed her afternoon nap and went to bed early - and now I can turn my mind to tidying into boxes some of the books which I collected at the airport at 6.30am......


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