Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Victoria has been developing the 'bear-walking' position - never going more than a couple of limb-movements forward. She elegantly waves about a leg sometimes too! Today this went one step further (forgive the pun!) when, in the playpen she was in the corner, put her bottom against the side and straightened the top half of her into standing. All well and good until the various forces meant that the quilt (which is laid in the bottom of the playpen) slid away from the corner and she gracefully subsided! She's very much 'into' standing up generally - though just the process of getting up and down, more than staying upright when she gets there. We're very proud of her! And we're thanking the Lord for each bit of progress.
Now if you just come here to read of Victoria, finish now - the rest is just for the majority of readers who, without Victoria's blog, wouldnt' have a clue about what is going on with the VDB family at all, and are interested.

Yesterday we had a bit of a problem in schoolwork - we have previously worked 4 days a week, having wednesdays off. However, we have had a few days where we haven't worked as hard as we should, or not done anything at all (like when we went sledging - that wasn't a wednesday!!). Instantly everyone was looking miserable. I disciplined two of them for complaining and when Thomas came in he wondered at the selection of miserable faces. I changed their perspective on it - "so we HAVE to do schoolwork on Wednesdays, grump grump etc" - by telling them that from now on we would be doing a 5-day week and they shouldn't expect me to take them to Newlands Corner if it should snow!! Contrary to my expectations we had quite a good day after all. In the afternoon I had planned to meet a lady at Claremont lake (her son has d.s. and she is intersted in h.s, though not a Chrisitan) and when I went to leave, the van wouldn't start - I had Thomas tow me up the track but it still wouldnt' start. So we couldnt' go to Newlands corner anyway, in spite of the 3" snow-fall overnight. Funny how UNcomplainign they are about it! I read a quote 'things don't change, we just change the way we look at things' - I think that is very wise and valuable lessons are being learnt here!.
Re the van, I am just learning to 'hang loose' regarding any plans for going out that I might have. Of course after sitting out for more than 24 hours, in the snow and all, as soon as Ron got in the van to try and start it up, it complied with his wishes. It is a comfort to me to know (though it SEEMS otherwise) that I am not at the mercy of the VAN but in the hands of a Loving Father who still has lots to teach me. I Praise Him that He hasn't given up and pray (as I always have!) that I would be a quick learner - if we don't 'get it' first time He is faithful and untiring and will serve up the lesson over and over again until we DO!!


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